Why adopt from AHS?

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Adoption is an act of love.

Animal Humane Society is here for animals that have nowhere else to go. They arrive at our shelters for a variety of reasons, but no matter the circumstances, they’re all patiently waiting for the same things: love, security, and a family to call their own. That’s where you come in. 

When you adopt, you’re giving one loving animal the second chance it deserves — and freeing up shelter resources to help another animal in need. Thanks to our amazing adopters, last year we found placement for more than 93% of the animals in our care. We are so fortunate and proud to serve a community that widely supports animals through adoption. 

Here are just a few more reasons to adopt from a shelter or rescue organization:

Adoption costs less. Adoption fees are much lower than what you’d pay to purchase a pet from a breeder. Plus, animals adopted from AHS are already spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations and parasite treatments — a significant savings in vet fees.

Adoption helps more than one animal. Adoption fees support our overall operating expense and provide the financial resources needed to care for other animals requiring life-saving medical care and behavioral rehabilitation. Adoption fees also support investigations into animal cruelty, education programs in schools, and so much more.

Adoption helps reduce pet overpopulation. Every animal adopted from AHS is sterilized, the only permanent and most effective way to stop unwanted animals from being born.

Adoption fights puppy mills. Dogs purchased from a pet store or online seller often come from puppy mills or irresponsible breeders, and purchasing a pet from these sources financially supports that practice. These factory-like facilities will continue to operate until people stop supporting them. Choosing to adopt makes the world a more humane place for animals.

Adoption at AHS means you’ll receive ongoing support. AHS offers a free veterinarian visit with participating clinics within 30 days after adoption, as well as a free 30-day trial of pet insurance. Additionally, if a health issue should present itself within 30 days after adoption, AHS has a free treatment policy. We also offer a 60-day adjustment period to ensure you and your new pet are the perfect match. 

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If you have questions about the adoption process or animals that are listed on our website, please contact our Pet Helpline at 952-435-7738 or send us a message.