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Peach the cat receives post-surgery cuddles
Growing expertise in specialty surgery and behavioral care

In recent years, we've seen an increase in the level of care required to treat animals in our shelters. That's why developing our veterinary developing our veterinary team has been and continues to be a priority. AHS has invested in training, resources, and technology to provide more specialty surgeries and behavioral care while helping to ensure we’re positioned to support our mission for years to come. 

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Your love is incredible!

Every wound that’s healed, every tail that wags, every purr and nuzzle that’s given — it’s all because of animal lovers like you. You’ve changed thousands of lives this summer but there are still more animals in our shelters who are counting on your support. Will you show these dogs, cats, and critters you still believe in their second chances? Make a gift today and help us continue to care for the animals who need us most.   

Cat at window
Are outdoor cats happier?

From bird watching to sun bathing, outdoor cats may seem like they have it all. But all that stimulation comes with additional stressors and some serious risks. While people who let their cats outside may believe it adds to their kitty’s quality of life, the truth is, it’s possible for your cat to live an equally happy life indoors. Hear from AHS experts on giving cats access to the outdoors, plus tips for providing indoor enrichment.

A heartwarming reunion seven years in the making

Last year, Ashley received a surprising call from Animal Humane Society. Her dog, Shiloh, had been found in Minnesota, seven years and hundreds of miles from where she'd lost him.

After receiving the call from AHS, Ashley immediately hopped in the car to make the drive from South Dakota to retriever her beloved pup. When Shiloh saw Ashley, he was slightly confused at first and looked her in the eyes intently — then he melted like butter. “He’s just as affectionate as I remember,” she says.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking. Ensure you're prepared with what do to should the unthinkable happen.

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