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Signs your pet has seasonal allergies

Spring is in full bloom! While this is a welcome time for some, for others — including animals — it can mark the return of seasonal allergies. Not sure if your pet suffers from allergies? Learn the common symptoms to look for and the steps you can take to provide your pet some relief.

Two kittens being cared for at Animal Humane Society
What to do if you find kittens

During the spring and summer months, it’s not uncommon to find a litter of kittens under your porch or behind a shed seemingly fending for themselves. While it may be tempting to capture them, not all kittens need rescuing. In fact, a kitten’s best chance for survival is with its mother. Learn the steps to take if you find kittens.

A dog parent wearing custom socks stands with his dog
Your two feet can help our four-legged friends

Create a custom pair of socks and a portion of proceeds will benefit AHS! Whether you choose to adorn your socks with a photo of your pet, child, or partner, you'll feel good knowing your purchase helps animals in need. Plus, they make a great Father's Day gift for the human and dog dads in your life.

How to prevent your dog from jumping

Does your dog jump on you when you return home, or playfully assault every visitor or passerby? Do you wonder if they'll ever learn to control their urge? Jumping is a result of excitement, and fortunately, it's possible to curb this instinct — with a little training.

In this video, one of our expert trainers shares tips and tricks to prevent your dog from jumping.

For more tips, check out our Ask a Trainer series.

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