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A newborn kitten in an AHS staff member's hand
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We're seeing a large influx in newborn kittens and puppies arriving at our shelters. The critical care they need relies on support from animal lovers like you. This June, your donations will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000, to protect animals in need. Don't wait ⁠— have your gift matched today!

Dog by lake
What to know about harmful algae blooms

If you have a water-loving dog, lakeside adventures are a great way to burn some energy and cool off. Before you or your dog wades into the water, though, be sure to do a little inspection. It's not uncommon for Minnesota lakes and ponds to produce algae blooms, which can put people and pets at serious risk for illness.

HI case
Cats removed from a vehicle in Chisago County
AHS rescues 47 cats living with their owner inside a vehicle

AHS humane agents recently removed 47 cats from the sweltering heat inside a vehicle where they had been living with their owner for some time. The cats, ranging in ages from under a year to 12 years old, are currently being cared for, examined, and evaluated by AHS veterinary and animal behavior staff.

How to prevent your dog from jumping

Does your dog jump on you when you return home, or playfully assault every visitor or passerby? Do you wonder if they'll ever learn to control their urge? Jumping is a result of excitement, and fortunately, it's possible to curb this instinct — with a little training.

In this video, one of our expert trainers shares tips and tricks to prevent your dog from jumping.

For more tips, check out our Ask a Trainer series.

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