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Walk for Animals, May 6, 2017
Walk for Animals 2017
Walk for Animals, May 6, 2017
Walk for Animals 2017

Training Workshop

Dog Park Safety

For some dogs, off-leash parks can be the happiest place on earth. But for others, they may take more getting used to. Attend our one-hour Dog Park Safety workshop — Saturday, April 2 — to learn more about "red flag" behavior, signs of healthy play, and more.

Happy Tails

Stories of unconditional love

Rita spent the first few weeks of her life in foster care before being adopted last January. The one-year-old guinea pig  is now thriving in her new home. Read more about Rita and other stories of finding unconditional love at AHS on our Happy Tails Tumblr page.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp registration open

Summer Camp includes games, guest speakers, animal interactions, and more — for animal-loving children entering grades 3-10.

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Every year, thousands of animals come to Animal Humane Society in need of a second chance. We pour our heart and soul into every animal, providing everything they need — a safe refuge, medical care, time to heal, and ultimately, the loving home they deserve. We can do the work, but it's not possible without the support of the community. Give the gift of a second chance