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20% of your purchase will benefit AHS
Give back to animals and look good!

Look good. Do good. Feel good. When you buy clothes for you and your pup from Dog Threads by June 19, 20% of your purchase will benefit Animal Humane Society. Use promo code AHS at check out.

Cat food drive
Outreach cat
Help hungry kitties in our community

Through our Community Outreach program, AHS provides pet food so people in need can feed their animals. We're currently struggling to keep up with the demand for cat food. Bring unopened wet and dry cat food (no prescription food) to any AHS location. Just let staff know it's for Community Outreach.

Pet Behavior
Belly rub
Surviving your puppy's terrible twos

There's no question, puppies are great. But the terrible twos aren't just for human toddlers. You can and will survive them! Check out these handy tips to get you through.

Speck's story
From a stray to a wonder dog

At AHS, Speck found his second chance, but his story is especially unique. Speck is more than a best friend to his new owner — he’s a lifeline. Can Do Canines adopted Speck and trained him as a hearing assist dog. Now, the Chihuahua/terrier mix helps his mom, Karin Hanson, live an independent life.

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Caring, compassionate advice and resources to address all your animal concerns.

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