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Beyonce the cat with toy at AHS
Give the gift of love to animals in need

With the help of animal lovers like you, AHS provides second chances to dogs, cats, and critters in need. Together, we can give more animals the warmth and love they deserve. Can they count on you?

Esperanza, a Chihuahua, at AHS
The humane side of euthanasia

Sometimes the best way to care for an animal is saying goodbye. Although humane euthanasia is the outcome for less than 10% of animals at AHS, it's still misunderstood. The truth is that these decisions aren't taken lightly, and are often the kindest thing we can do for an animal, like a sweet Chihuahua named Esperanza.

Cat in snow
How outdoor cats survive the cold

If you're worried about an outdoor cat, determining if they're feral, a stray, or someone's pet is an important step to putting your mind at ease. Learn how to tell the difference, why it matters, and what you can do to help our feline friends in freezing temps.

Love changes everything: Happy Valentine's Day from AHS and the animals

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the love that makes second chances possible for animals in need. From community support, to the care they receive in shelter, to the happiness they experience on adoption day, animals at AHS feel love on every step of their journey toward a new life.

We open our hearts to every dog, cat, and critter in our care. Each one is special to us, just like your pets are special to you. We remember each one — and the incredible love that made their new beginning possible.

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