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Matching Gift Challenge
June 2017 Summer Needs Rotor 2
Matching Gift Challenge
June 2017 Summer Needs Rotor 2

Humane Investigations

Thirty-seven dogs seized

Animal Humane Society assisted the Bloomington Police Department with the seizure of 37 dogs housed in unsanitary kennels with no access to food or water. The dogs are part of an ongoing criminal investigation and are being safely housed and cared for at AHS. Read more about this case.


June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month

June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month! When you adopt, you not only give one cat a second chance, you also free up resources for other cats in search of loving homes. Meet adoptable cats at AHS.


Scent detection training

The Nose Knows training course teaches your dog to find hidden “prizes,” providing mental and physical stimulation! Scent work is not only fun, but also a great confidence builder for young dogs. Learn more.

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Every year, thousands of animals come to Animal Humane Society in need of a second chance. We pour our heart and soul into every animal, providing everything they need — a safe refuge, medical care, time to heal, and ultimately, the loving home they deserve. We can do the work, but it's not possible without the support of the community. Give the gift of a second chance