Reporting animal cruelty in Minnesota

Dogs living in cramped space

We need your help to keep the animals in our communities safe. If you suspect an animal is being abused or neglected, please contact our Humane Investigations team.

Signs of animal abuse and neglect

  • Lack of grooming, for example overgrown nails or matted fur
  • Basic needs not met, such as lack of food, water, shelter, and vet care
  • Bruises and scarring on skin or visible signs of poor health
  • Being kept in unsanitary conditions or extreme temperatures
  • Malnourished or dehydrated appearance where bones are visible through fur

Issues the humane agents investigate

Most of the cases reported to our agents involve lack of food, water, shelter, and general animal care. Larger, more complex cases can result in on-site investigations, animal seizure, and prosecuting offenders.

Issues our humane agents investigate include:

  • Domestic animals and livestock lacking necessary food, water, or shelter as required by law
  • Animal fighting and hoarding
  • Physical abuse or chronic neglect of animals
  • Denial of necessary medical attention to animals who are sick or injured
  • Illegal shooting, trapping, abandonment, poisoning, or torture of any domestic animal
  • Potential injury from tangled leashes, ropes, or chains
  • Animals left in unattended vehicles and subject to conditions that would or could adversely affect the animal’s health or welfare
  • Pet stores, petting zoos, boarding kennels, dog kennels, horse stables, and other facilities that are not meeting the minimum standards of care as required by law

Report abuse or neglect

The proper evidence and witnesses are required to successfully build a case for seizure and/or prosecution. The following information must be provided to investigators:

  • Name, exact address, and contact information of the animals' owner, if known
  • Brief but specific account of the facts and circumstances involved
  • Your name and daytime phone number (we may need to follow up with you to get more specific details)

Citizen reports of abuse and neglect are kept confidential.

If your concern is for animals in Minnesota, please submit a report online.

If you do not live in Minnesota, please contact your local humane society or local law enforcement for assistance.