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Caring for your new pet

Welcome home!

This online welcome kit is full of information that can make your pet's transition from the shelter to your home as stress-free as possible — along with tips to keep your pet happy and healthy. You will also discover the ways you and your pet can use our services at Animal Humane Society.

We're here to help

As you and your pet grow together, we hope you will think of us as an ever-resourceful family member always ready to help. Whether it’s boarding, training, or any questions — we’d love to hear from you. Come visit any time, especially during seasonal highlights like the Walk for Animals, Whisker Whirl and other spectacular AHS events.

If you have any questions about your pet’s behavior, our Behavior Helpline staff can help with advice and resources. Call 763-489-2202.

You make a difference

By adopting, you’ve done a great thing for your new pet and yourself. You have also done a larger good deed by supporting the 23,000 plus animals that we care for each year. You are bolstering our ability to investigate animal cruelty, provide humane education programs in schools and simply do a better job each day. You’ve made a difference by adopting one animal and advocating for all animals. Thank you!