Animal advocacy and policy

Animal advocacy and policy

Animals need our voice. Lend yours today.

At Animal Humane Society, we're working hard, alongside our partners and advocates, to address key policy issues at the state and local levels. Lend your voice by understanding the issues impacting animals and taking action.

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Learn about our legislative priorities

There are many issues affecting pets and the people who care for them. That's why Animal Humane Society's current legislative priority is the creation of a Companion Animal Board — comprised of pet experts — to provide guidance and oversight of companion animal issues in the state of Minnesota.

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Advocate for animals

Help us advance protections for animals in need by taking action. Sign up to be an Animal Advocate, support our current priorities by signing a petition, and contact your state and local legislators.

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Get our take on animal policies and topics

Review the current state policies Animal Humane Society supports, opposes, or is tracking. Understand our position on various topics affecting animals and their caretakers in our state and beyond.

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You can support legislative efforts to make Minnesota a more humane state by signing up to receive advocacy alerts. You'll receive periodic updates that keep you informed about issues impacting dogs, cats, and critters and explain how you can help animals through advocacy.

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