Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Serving people and pets in Frogtown and East St. Paul

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Serving Frogtown and East St. Paul residents, Animal Humane Society's Community Outreach program aims to connect pet owners with the resources and education they need to keep their pets happy and healthy.

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Spay/neuter  •  Pet wellness    Pet behavior  •  Pet food resources  •  St. Paul city licenses  •  Update vaccines

Animal Humane Society's Community Outreach program helps connect pet owners to low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and vaccines and provides free pet transportation to appointments. We also help with training and behavior needs and host free wellness clinics offering vaccines, nail trims, general exams, and more.  

Interested in volunteering with Community Outreach or at our Wellness Clinics? Learn more.

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Providing free healthcare for pets

Learn more about Animal Humane Society's Community Outreach program and our work to help all pet owners provide for their beloved animals.

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