Rescue and shelter partners

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Animal Humane Society proudly partners with other shelters and rescue organizations to provide medical services and placement options that help thousands of animals find new homes each year.

Placement partners

More than 30 local rescue organizations partner with AHS to place animals that experience high levels of fear, anxiety, and stress in shelter environments. Last year, AHS transferred 255 such animals — 1.5% of our total placement number — to our placement partners.

Non-traditional placement resources

Because AHS cannot accept exotic pets (reptiles, large birds like cockatoos and amazons), or livestock (chickens, pigs, and goats), we maintain connections with other animal welfare groups dedicated to finding placement for non-traditional companion animals.

Transport partners

AHS works with other shelters and animal welfare organizations, including the ASPCA and HSUS, to transport animals from across the country. AHS sends a transport team directly to source shelters ― shelters that are often overwhelmed with animal homelessness and/or lacking critical resources and funding ― to bring animals back to Minnesota. 

Last year, more than 3,000 animals were transported to AHS from another shelter or agency in search of a new home. (In pre-pandemic years, we were transporting up to 8,000.) Learn more about our transport program.

Veterinary center clients

More than 100 Minnesota shelters and rescue organizations receive low-cost spay/neuter and medical services through AHS veterinary centers. Learn more about veterinary services available to rescue organizations.


If you have questions about our shelter and rescue partners or wish to partner with AHS, please call 651-788-4640 or complete our Rescue and Shelter Partner Interest Form.

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