AHS Vet Center provided lifesaving surgery at a fraction of the cost

Early one morning, Animal Humane Society received an urgent call about a sick dog who needed our immediate help.

Unlike many calls we receive from community members about homeless dogs or animals looking for second chances, this call was about Luna, a local family’s beloved three-year-old black lab.

A dog gets a second chance at Animal Humane Society's Vet Centers

Her family explained that Luna had been kenneled while they were away for just a few hours, and when they returned home, they found Luna vomiting and whining in discomfort, and a corner of her blanket chewed off. 

This was the same kennel Luna stayed in every time her people were out of the house, and where she slept nearly every night, so they knew something was very wrong. 

After calling their local vet clinic for advice, Luna’s family monitored her closely for the next day. But Luna’s symptoms only got worse. Her energy was low, she wouldn’t eat or drink, and she continued to vomit. 

They brought her to their local clinic, where X-rays showed the dog’s stomach was severely enlarged due to trapped pieces of blanket. However, the surgery Luna required would cost thousands of dollars – more expensive than her family could afford.

Your love changes everything

For the families that utilize our Vet Centers for affordable care, become whole through adopting from our shelters, or rely on AHS for other critical resources and support, your love means everything. 

With one gift, you can make a huge impact – not only changing lives, but making sure pets can continue to thrive alongside the people they love. 

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Animal Humane Society offers a different solution

With nowhere else to turn, Luna’s family called our free Pet Helpline, hoping we could provide Luna with the surgery she desperately needed, even if it meant they would need to surrender their special girl. We had a better solution. 

Because of the generosity of animal lovers like you, AHS can offer low-cost vet care for animals in our community – so they can get the expert care they deserve and have a happy, healthy future with the family they love. 

Our veterinary team performed the urgent surgery Luna needed for a fraction of the original estimated cost. 

After she recovered from surgery, we got to watch Luna walk out our Vet Center doors, knowing she would be going home to the same family that has always brought her so much comfort.

At Animal Humane Society, we know just how special the bond is between a pet and their family. Through affordable vet care, behavioral support, and a variety of community resources, we’re helping to keep pets with the people who love them.

Contact our free Pet Helpline

AHS is here for you and your pet. If you’re in need of assistance, contact our free Pet Helpline at 952-HELP-PET (952-435-7738) or send us a message now.

You can reach a representative Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 7 PM, or Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM.