Veterinary Center sliding fees

Animal Humane Society is expanding access to affordable veterinary care by offering high-quality, low-cost services with sliding fees based on income.

Fees are based on annual income

Use the chart below to determine if you qualify for standard, reduced, or minimum pricing based on your annual income. We do not offer veterinary services to those who exceed the qualifications for standard pricing.

Household size STANDARD FEES
available up to
available up to
available up to
1 person $51,040 $31,900 $12,760
2 people $68,960 $43,100 $17,240
3 people $86,880 $54,300 $21,720
4 people $104,800 $65,500 $26,200
5 people $122,720 $76,700 $30,680
6 people $140,640 $87,900 $35,160
7 people $158,560 $99,100 $39,640
8 people $176,480 $110,300 $44,120
Additional $17,920 $11,200 $4,480


We will ask you to provide proof of your income qualification or recent hardship when you arrive for services. The following documents are accepted.

  • Recent tax return
  • W2 form
  • Two current pay stubs 
  • Enrollment in a qualifying government program*

* Most government programs qualify clients for our reduced fees. If you qualify for minimum fees based on income, please bring one of the other forms of documentation listed above.

If you have any questions about our sliding fees, please contact us at 763-489-SPAY.

We also provide veterinary services to registered animal welfare organizations and feral cat colony caretakers.

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