Private Training Sessions

Private Training is pausing new client registration and no new client sessions are being booked at this time. 

dog private training session

Not all dogs do well in group training settings--and that's okay! For dogs that need a more individualized training approach, AHS offers one-on-one training sessions to give your dog the personalized training they need to be successful.

On-site Private Training 

These training sessions are ideal for dog reactivity, jumpy/mouthy behavior, and general skills.

  • Initial session (45 minutes): $75
  • 4 session package (30 minutes each): $200 ($50 per session)
  • 6 session package (30 minutes each): $270 ($45 per session)

Interested in Private Training? 

If your dog would do best with one-on-one training with an expert trainer, private training is a great solution for you.