22 dogs seized and 8 more released to AHS in investigation

October 23, 2023
AHS staff member comforts dog seized in investigation

Animal Humane Society recently received a heartbreaking call: the bodies of eight deceased dogs were found together along the side of a road in Cottage Grove, MN. Our Humane Investigations agents were quick to respond and have been partnering with local law enforcement on this case. 

AHS performed forensic evaluations on all dogs and were able to collect evidence that allowed the investigation to continue. No animal deserves to be treated like this. 

AHS staff with Anoka County HI case dog

Late last week, our agents learned that there was more to this story. On Friday, AHS removed 22 dogs of a variety of sizes and ages from a rescue in Anoka County in connection with the Cottage Grove case. Eight additional dogs have been brought to AHS from one of the rescue organization’s foster homes, and more may arrive in the coming weeks. 

The dogs are currently being cared for by our expert veterinary and behavior teams, and our Humane Investigations team is continuing to assist with this case. We are still learning about each dog’s history and unique medical and behavioral needs.

This unique and tragic situation emphasizes the importance of Animal Humane Society's commitment to prioritize animal welfare and provide affordable resources and services to our community so pet parents have access to compassionate support when they feel overwhelmed.

Collage of animals seized from a humane investigations case in Anoka County

Though there are still many unknowns, it's clear AHS couldn’t serve as a leader in animal welfare without the support of our community. Thanks to animal lovers like you, each of these dogs now has the chance for a new beginning in a loving home where we hope they will be able to forget everything they have been through.

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AHS Humane Investigations team loads animals into transport vehicle

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AHS humane agents are the only full-time professional humane investigators in the state, and we partner with local agencies and community members to provide non-judgmental aid and support whenever possible. Learn more about our Humane Investigations team.

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