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Classroom programs — onsite only

Classroom programs and Tours return June 1 for school-aged groups! Spots fill fast   request a classroom program today.

Please note: Classroom programs will be hosted at our Golden Valley shelter location only. Educators are not travelling offsite at this time. Alternatively, we also offer virtual sessions with an educator.

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AHS classroom programs feature interactive, educational presentations about specific subjects in animal welfare. Programs are tailored to the audience’s age level and interests, and are available to all audiences including friend and family groups, schools, clubs, home school groups, and community organizations.

Programs are hosted at our Golden Valley shelter location only and are 45-60 minutes unless otherwise specified. 

While some programs include an appearance by a small animal companion (small mammals only, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, or domestic rats), participants shouldn't expect significant animal contact as part of these presentations.

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Want more time at the shelter? Add a shelter tour to your classroom program for an additional $20.

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Program descriptions

The Good Kind Giant (Grades K-1)

This story-telling program features a giant who acquires a pet boy, but doesn’t understand the needs of a human child. Through the story, students gain greater understanding of compassion toward pets by learning about the importance of proper habitat and care.

Minnesota Academic Standards
Language Arts: (c), (d),,
Social Studies:,

Length: Approximately 45 minutes

My Pet Needs to Know (Grades 2-3)

This program shows students that just as they have needs, so do their pets. Through interactive learning including the use of a variety of pet care items, students will learn the nine basic needs that all pets share.

Minnesota Academic Standards
Language Arts: (d),

Length: Approximately 45 minutes

Understanding Pet Language (Grades 3-6)

This program teaches students basic information about the many ways that animals (and people) communicate their needs and emotions. Understanding what an animal is saying increases empathy and respect and can also keep children safe. Students will use their observational skills to interpret animal body language and vocalizations.

Minnesota Academic Standards
Language Arts:,

Length: Approximately 45 minutes

Animal Related Careers (Grades 7-12)

This program helps students explore a variety of animal-related careers, including the veterinary field, shelter work, animal behavior, and more. Students will discuss the benefits and challenges of these careers and learn more about the training and education required to pursue them.

Minnesota Academic Standards
Language Arts: (d)
Social Studies:,

Length: Approximately 1 hour

Looking for a virtual option?

We offer 30-minute virtual sessions with an AHS educator. Learn more and request a virtual session.

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