Vaccine clinics

AHS Veterinary Center

Preventative care is one of the keys to keeping your pets healthy and protecting them from common diseases. As part of our Community Outreach program, Animal Humane Society hosts monthly vaccine clinics, which include:

  • Wellness exams
  • Rabies and distemper vaccinations
  • Pet food

Vaccine clinics take place on the third Saturday of each month at our St. Paul Vet Center and have been modified to accommodate social distancing. This means pet owners cannot be present during the exam and will instead follow a drop-off procedure. We will provide additional details after your appointment is confirmed.

Clinic fees

Clinic fees differ based on your annual income and household size. Use the chart below to determine if you qualify to pay $10 or $26 per animal. Payment will be collected when you arrive for your appointment.

Household size $26 CLINIC FEE
for annual
incomes up to
for annual
incomes up to
1 person $51,040 $12,760
2 people $68,960 $17,240
3 people $86,880 $21,720
4 people $104,800 $26,200
5 people $122,720 $30,680
6 people $140,640 $35,160
7 people $158,560 $39,640
8 people $176,480 $44,120
Additional $17,920 $4,480


Registration is required to attend a vaccine clinic. Appointment registration will open three weeks before the clinic date.

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