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Basic to advanced skills, including behavior correction taught by experienced trainers.

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Animal Humane Society's instructors use reward-based, positive reinforcement training methods based on an understanding of how animals learn. A combination of lure/reward and clicker training is both a fun and effective way to shape behaviors you want to see in your dog. 

Our trainers

Many of our trainers are Certified Professional Dog Trainers or are working toward their certification. Our trainers have 70+ years of experience combined, and are committed to continuing education and upholding standards for current best practices.

If you’re interested in becoming a trainer at AHS, learn more about our volunteer and apprenticeship program.

Introduction to Training School

Before enrolling in obedience classes, please watch our Introduction to Training School at AHS video, where you'll learn about our program, structure, and variety of classes and playgroups we offer.

We offer in-person and online training sessions.

Choose from in-person classes or virtual training sessions conducted via Zoom. Learn more about available sessions

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Training School reviews

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"I researched training facilities in the Twin Cities, and best bang for your buck is AHS. You don’t get stuck in a level for 6 weeks at a time. When you master the skills, you move up to the next level right away. Plus, you can go to more than one class a week. I’ve taken both my dogs through there and highly recommend them!"

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"So impressed with AHS classes. The trainers are calm, clear, and positive. Great suggestions for home practice."

3 / 3

"I have had an INCREDIBLE experience at AHS. The trainers provided me such useful information in such a short amount of time. After attending classes, workshops, and one private training session, my dog has gone from a panicked, anxious, over aroused pup most of the time, to a wonderful, calm pup most of the time, and the trainers provided me with knowledge to help understand his triggers and management tools for the few times that he does get overstimulated. Words cannot adequately describe my gratitude for the training program at AHS, and how much of a difference it made in my life."

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Visit our FAQs page for answers to common questions about Animal Humane Society's dog training program.

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