4 ways to show your pet love

cat getting love from AHS shelter worker

Your pet is the center of your world! Though you shower them with love every day, there’s never a better time to go above and beyond for your pet than Valentine’s Day and National Love Your Pet Day 2023.

Here are four heartfelt ways to show off the love you have for your pet.

Plan a pet photoshoot

Put your love for your pet on full display with adorable pet photos. Prepare your four-legged friend for their moment in the spotlight with pampering. Whether that means a groom, treats, or new toys, your pet will feel center stage with your special attention.

Once your furry friend is comfortable and feels like their best self, you're ready to capture their cuteness. Set yourself up for photoshoot success by reading these eight simple smartphone pet photography tips.

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Spoil your pet with a homemade treat

With love as the main ingredient, your best friend will feel celebrated! While your pet may get excited about any treats, taking the time to make a homemade recipe spells l-o-v-e.

We've put together healthy, simple ingredients to make a tasty treat for your dog or cat. Make the moment extra special by enjoying this treat alongside your pet it's safe for humans to eat as well!

DIY a fun enrichment activity

Everyone enjoys gifts – even pets! Knit your hearts together by crafting a DIY enrichment toy for your pet. Whether you surprise your pet with a simple fleece toy or you make a snuffle mat, this meaningful gift will be an engaging reminder to your pet that you care for them.

A grey and white husky runs through training tunnel for treat.

Learn new skills together

Lead with your heart by signing up for a training class together! Nothing builds a connection like exploring new skills together.

AHS offers training and behavior classes at three locations. You'll bring out the best in you and your pet through this shared experience. If you're ready to take your relationship to the next level, try one of our specialty classes.

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