Classroom programs pricing structure and discounts

Onsite programs

Programs hosted at any AHS location are $35 each and are between 45 and 60 minutes long. Group capacity depends on location. 

  • Golden Valley: 20-40 attendees
  • Coon Rapids, Woodbury: 15 attendees
  • St. Paul: 12 attendees

Offsite programs

Programs hosted at school or other gathering places require 45 to 60 minutes (Anti-Dogfighting Workshop require 1.5 hours).

Effective June 1, 2018 the pricing structure for off-site programming will depend on distance from our Golden Valley shelter.

The AHS Humane Education program is based out of our Golden Valley shelter at 845 Meadow Ln. North, 55422. This is the starting point for all off-site programs.  We use Google maps to find the distance to each location and adjust the price accordingly.

  • Any location within 5 miles of the Golden Valley shelter will be $50
  • <10 miles will be $60
  • <15 miles will be $70
  • <20 miles will be $80

Any location more than 20 miles from our Golden Valley shelter is outside our service area. Programs can accommodate up to 50 people, this includes students and adults (with the exception of Furry Tales on the Road). Programs can be scheduled back-to-back to accommodate larger groups. Programs scheduled on the same day will receive $20 off each additional program. 

Financial assistance is available for schools with high populations of students who qualify for free/reduced price lunch (FRPL). To request this discount, please have your school's FRPL data ready when you contact us to schedule your program. 

  • If 65-84 percent  of your school's students utilize FRPL, programs are $35 each.
  • If 85 percent or more of your school's students utilize FRPL, programs are $25 each. 

Discounts apply for offsite classroom programs only.

Schedule a classroom program

All classroom programs presented at AHS include a shelter tour for an additional fee.

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