Caring for your new pet

Congratulations on your new pet! 

AHS is here to support you as your new furry friend adjusts to your home. 

Helpful tips and tricks
Bring out the best in your best friend
Questions about your new pet?
A cat in an adoption box from AHS


We're here to help make your pet's transition from the shelter to your home as stress-free as possible! Check out these tips and tricks to set your new pet up for success:

Remember the 3-3-3 rule

  • The first three days may be overwhelming while animals get used to their new surroundings.
  • After three weeks, they’ll likely have a better understanding of their routine, and they may feel more comfortable coming out of their shell. 
  • Three months after adoption is often when an animal feels safe, secure, and ready to build a trusting and loving bond with you as their pet parent. 

Already have a resident pet at home? 

Welcoming a new pet can be a little trickier if you’re also introducing them to resident animals, so allow for some extra adjustment time. 

Because of possible exposure to a contagious illness while in shelter, we strongly advise you to keep your newly adopted pet isolated from other pets until your veterinarian confirms their health. Once confirmed, pet-to-pet introductions can occur.

Check out our helpful guides for introducing specific pets to each other: 

A woman holds a black and white dog


Thank you for making a difference

We celebrate each and every adoption at AHS. This is such an exciting time for you and your new pet

By adopting, you're not just giving one animal a new home you're also supporting the thousands animals we care for each year. You're providing the resources needed to investigate animal cruelty, offer humane education programs in schools, provide low-cost medical care to pets across Minnesota, and so much more.

On behalf of all the dogs, cats, and critters that come through our doors. Thank you!