Why dog training is important – for both you and your dog

Learn more about Animal Humane Society training classes and how they can benefit your dog.

A dog learns to lay down at AHS Training School

Have you ever wondered if dog training is worth it? It can be a big time commitment and it takes plenty of patience, but whether you and your dog are new to training or you already know a few tips and tricks, training can be a huge benefit for dogs of all ages!

Training classes can help your dog learn some new skills, but there’s more to it than that. It’s also a great way to enrich your dog’s daily life, build you into a more confident pet parent, and set both you and your four-legged friend up for success at home and in your community.

In honor of January’s National Train Your Dog Month, let’s look at some of the benefits of working with a dog trainer.

Tips from a trainer: Top 5 reasons to enroll in dog training classes

1: It can build a stronger bond between you and your dog! Spending time together in these classes can increase your level of trust with each other.

2: It makes life easier and less stressful at home when certain behaviors are under control. Do you spend a lot of time cleaning up your dog’s destructive messes? Or do you find yourself apologizing to friends and family when your excited dog jumps up to greet them? Training can help address those behaviors.

3: It improves communication with your dog. Training classes give you the opportunity to learn more about their individual personality and how to best understand them.

4: Dog training isn’t one size fits all. It can be focused on improving specific behaviors, or it could be teaching you about your dog’s specific breed and their needs. For instance, if you have a dog who is bred to dig, your trainer may help you find an outlet for digging at home – like a sandbox in the yard.

5: Training can even be helpful before you adopt a dog. If you’re thinking of welcoming a new animal into your home, check out a local training class. It can be a great educational resource to help you better prepare for becoming a pet parent.

Black, tan, and white dog sits on training mat, and receives treats from owner.

Group classes vs. one-on-one trainings

There are two options to choose from when enrolling in dog training classes: group classes, where you work with other humans and their dogs on a set curriculum, or private one-on-one sessions if you or your dog need more individualized attention.

Private sessions are usually reserved for dogs who display aggressive behaviors towards humans or other animals, separation anxiety, resource guarding, fearful behavior, or more severe behavior concerns.

If you aren’t sure which option would be best for your dog, we can help you find the perfect fit.

No matter what you hope to get out of training classes, it’s important to remember that modifying a dog’s behavior isn’t linear. There will be ups and downs, and your dog may need to revisit some lessons down the road. But patience is key, and the hard work will be worth it for you and your best friend!

More on AHS training classes

AHS offers more than 100 classes every week at our Golden Valley, Woodbury, Coon Rapids, and St. Paul locations, and private sessions are also available. Did you know… our trainers and our online Pet Behavior Library also provide behavior support for cats, too!

We offer specialty dog training classes, including therapy work and prepping for the 10 Canine Good Citizen test requirements, puppy playgroups, reactive rover classes for dogs who bark or growl on leash, sports classes to help dogs burn energy, one-day workshops, and more!

Interested in enrolling in AHS Training School?

Learn more about all our behavior and specialty classes. And don’t forget: Community members who have recently adopted from AHS can use a new adopter discount to attend classes!