Is a pet bird the right pet for you?

A bird perched in a cage

Though all pets deserve care, enrichment, and love, our feathered friends have specialized needs that require understanding and commitment. 

Before taking flight on the journey of adopting a bird, here are some things to consider to help you soar with a feathered friend.

Things to know about caring for birds


Some aspects of bird care, like diet, must be tailored to meet the unique needs of the specific species to ensure good health. From seeds to fruit to nectar, diet varies from species to species.


While birds may be beautiful, they have their own interpretation of tidiness. Keeping up the cleanliness of their cage, surrounding area, and anywhere in the home they spend time is necessary for a bird's care. Pet birds will also require baths and nail trims regularly. 

Another factor in creating a healthy environment for a beloved bird is understanding sleep and light exposure needs, which vary depending on the species. 

Two AHS staff members hold birds

Veterinary care

Pet birds need regular veterinary visits, including if they need a beak or wing trimming, and finding a veterinarian skilled at treating birds is crucial. 

Consider the resources in your area and the cost of care before welcoming a rescued bird into your home. 

Exercise and enrichment

Winged companions are active, and to stay mentally healthy, they need a large cage to stretch their wings and exercise. 

Pet birds also need plenty of space for enjoying enriching activities, like bird-safe interactive toys, swings, perches, and playful games with their human companion — which can also help build a meaningful bond.


Whether their sing-song demeanor replaces your alarm clock or provides chatty company during breakfast, potential bird parents should know that our vocal pals have much to say! 

A bird-loving staff member at Animal Humane Society shared: "My Cockatiel alerts me when timers go off for a meal, he mimics the swallowing sound when I take a drink, he laughs when I laugh, and he comes when I call." 

Are you ready to adopt a pet bird?

Birds can make excellent companions. Their uniqueness and playful personalities can be a delight to the right home. Spread your wings and learn which bird species is the right fit for you with our helpful species-specific resources and tips

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