Polar vortex kitty gets a second chance


March 6, 2019

It was dangerously cold on Leech Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota, and the temperatures were still dropping. On January 30, it was nearly 40 degrees below zero — and Ronald, a stray tabby, was stuck outside with nowhere to go.

Each year stray and homeless animals battle frigid Minnesota winters. Many are seasoned veterans in finding shelter and places to hunker down, but the polar vortex brought a deep freeze unlike anything we regularly experience. It was hard for animal lovers not to worry about our four-legged friends outside.

When Ronald was found it was clear the friendly feline had suffered the effects of the cold. His ears and tail were badly frostbitten. Rescuers brought him to Animal Humane Society, where Ronald would get the medical care he needed and the warm bed he deserved.

In typical tabby fashion, Ronald arrived at AHS ready to take on the world. He didn’t pay any mind to his injuries. Instead he preferred to focus his attention on delicious food and chin scratches. In fact, Ronald loved affection so much that staff could hardly open his den door to feed him without the gregarious orange cat leaping into their arms.


The damage done to Ronald’s ears and tail was irreversible — they had to be removed to prevent infection. Luckily, AHS veterinarians are experts at what they do, providing thousands of specialty surgeries to animals in need every single year.

Ronald made it through surgery and woke up ready for more belly rubs and yummy snacks. Minus one ear and half of his tail, his spirit remained unbreakable.

Ronald spent a few weeks in foster care to fully recover. He soaked up every minute of TLC. When he returned to AHS, ready for adoption, his unique look and winning personality caught the eye and stole the hearts of a new family almost instantly. He was adopted in less than three hours at our Golden Valley adoption center.

Now, Ronald will spend the rest of his days enjoying the warmth of companionship and the comfort of home. Most importantly, he’ll experience the next polar vortex from the safety of a loving lap.

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