Cross-country partnership helps 67 dogs find new homes

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Saturday, June 15 was a lifesaving day for 113 dogs from Fresno, California. The group of dogs, mostly Chihuahuas, were struggling to find adopters in their home state. By transporting them to the Midwest, the shelters they came from are able to create space for even more homeless animals in need.  

AHS took in 67 dogs and puppies from the flight — 46 went to Michigan Humane Society. The flight was paid for and organized by Wings of Rescue, a nonprofit organization that facilitates transport and second chances for animals who might otherwise face euthanasia.


The lifesaving partnership is the reason animals like Potter are in a loving home. When Potter arrived at AHS, the affectionate Chihuahua mix received a thorough exam where veterinary technicians noticed a small wound on his head. They treated him with antibiotics, gave him vaccines, and scheduled him for sterilization surgery. Potter was adopted a few days later — just one week after the adventurous flight to Minnesota.

“There’s something special about flying dogs to Minnesota. It’s an opportunity to help homeless animals outside our region,” says Kevin Mathison, who manages the AHS transport program. “Minnesotans love Chihuahuas — in other places, the population is overwhelming. Those little ones are so brave on the runway.”

Thanks to your generous support, Animal Humane Society is able to partner with other shelters and organizations like Wings of Rescue to transport animals from across the country — helping thousands of animals get their second chance each year.

Last year, more than 9,000 animals from 83 local and national rescue transport partners were brought to AHS in search of a new home. Learn more about our transport program and how you can help make a difference for animals in need.

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