AHS presents state legislators with 2021 Animal Advocate Award

Animal Humane Society works year-round to shape public policy and promote legislation to protect companion animals throughout Minnesota. In partnership with state and local government officials, we're able to influence and help advance critical bills in line with our legislative priorities.

Rep. Freiberg receiving the 2021 Animal Advocate Award

AHS staff present Representative Mike Freiberg with 2021 Animal Advocate Award

Presenting the Animal Advocate Award

This June, AHS was honored to present five state legislators and one AHS volunteer with the 2021 Animal Advocate Award. This award honors individuals who led the way and advanced companion animal welfare in Minnesota during this year’s legislative session.

Help us show our appreciation for these lawmakers by sending them a letter or email of thanks for their work to compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for animals. Click the legislators' names below for their contact information.

AHS volunteer Linda with the 2021 Animal Advocate Award

AHS volunteer Linda Pronschinske with her 2021 Animal Advocate Award

In addition to the legislators above, AHS also recognized one of our volunteers, Linda Pronschinske, for her commitment to advancing companion animal welfare in our state. In her time as a volunteer, Linda has invited Representative Jon Koznick to tour our shelter and met with Senator Zack Duckworth (co-author on the CAB Bill). Most recently, she brought forward the humane pet store ordinance in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Advocating for a more humane world for animals

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