30 Pugs and 14 cats with major medical needs brought to AHS

More than 40 animals required emergency care after arriving at AHS

In late April, 44 animals arrived at Animal Humane Society in dire need of emergency medical care and behavioral help. The animals came to AHS as part of an active humane investigations case.

We knew their journey had the potential to be heartbreaking, but our expert veterinarians rushed to provide treatment, and AHS staff and foster volunteers made a promise to love and support them through it all.

Almost all of the animals were covered in feces and ticks. Several were underweight, their fur falling out, and their stomachs bloated with internal parasites. The dogs suffered from severe skin infections resulting from mange and some were living with advanced ocular disease. The adult dogs were scared and untrusting, but it was the puppies who worried us most.

Many of the puppies, some as young as 4 weeks old, had been exposed to Parvovirus, an extremely deadly and contagious disease. One 3-month-old pug required emergency surgery to remove both of her eyes due to an infection that had gone untreated. She’ll be blind for the rest of her life, but she’s finally free of constant pain and discomfort.

Two pug puppies being cared for by AHS staff

It’s been three weeks since they arrived, but the stories of these animals are far from over. Some still need to heal physically while others remain shy and guarded, but what we thought would be a journey filled with heartbreak and sadness has become a lesson in resilience and hope. Every fear we had was met with a tail wag, every worry met with a kiss — no matter what they’d been through, these animals still believed in the goodness of people. 

With treatment plans in place, several of the animals from this case went to foster homes where they could recover and heal. Some were placed with our rescue partners, and many more remained at AHS where they received the care they desperately needed. Thirty of the animals have already been adopted into loving new homes. As the remaining dogs and cats are made available for adoption, they'll be listed on our adoption web pages.

AHS Humane Agents

Animal Humane Society’s humane agents are the only full-time professional humane investigators in the state, and we partner with local agencies and community members to provide non-judgmental aid and support whenever possible. Learn more about our Humane Investigations team.

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Young pug brought to AHS with severe skin infection
Pug brought to AHS as part of active humane investigations case
Eleanor, pug before double eye enucleation
Eleanor, pug with double eye enucleation

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