Save-a-Bull Clinics

Fix your Pit

Free spay/neuter clinics for Pit Bulls and Pit mixes

Save-a-Bull and Animal Humane Society Veterinary Centers are teaming up to offer free spay/neuter surgeries for your Pit Bull or Pit mix.

Having your dog spayed or neutered is the best way to make a positive impact on pet overpopulation. Plus, there are many health and behavior benefits to spay and neuter that will directly benefit you, your dog and the community you live in:

  • Reduced aggression 
  • Lower risk of cancer 
  • Reduce roaming 
  • Increase life span

Each clinic is at Animal Humane Society Veterinary Centers in Golden Valley. Drop off is at 7:30 a.m.

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Golden Valley
845 Meadow Lane N., Golden Valley, MN 55422

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