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Lesson plans and activities for children in grades 4-8

Cat Breeds Quiz

A lot of people think that all cats are the same breed. We're telling you right meow there's nothing further from the truth. There are dozens of cat breeds, and just like dogs, they have their own unique traits and characteristics.

Do you know your cat breeds? Take the Cat Breed 101 quiz to find out!

Dog Breeds Game

Learn about dog breeds, then play a game of charades or Pictionary to test your knowledge. Download the worksheet plus the breed details and game instructions (PDF) to play!

Animal Campaign

Work cooperatively (with siblings or parents if possible) to learn more about an animal’s special talents, practice persuasive reasoning, and promote their animal “candidate” for an imaginary presidency. Download the worksheets (PDF) to get started!

Origami Cat Mobile

Let's craft! Make an origami cat mobile.

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Kitten Season: Interview with Vet Tech Stephanie

Learn all about kitten season, what to do if you find baby kittens, and how Animal Humane Society cares for hundreds of tiny felines every year.

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For caring, compassionate advice and resources to address all your animal concerns.

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