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Woosha, a smiley dog at AHS
AHS prepares to reopen sites and restore in-person programs

We’re pleased to announce that many Animal Humane Society programs and services are returning to in-person, including our adoption centers — which will reopen to walk-in visitors beginning Monday, August 2. View a list of all in-person programs returning to AHS over the coming weeks.

Dog in training
Enroll your dog in summer workshops

Looking for ways to entertain and stimulate your dog this summer? Summer training workshops at AHS, including The Nose Knows, Brain Games, Four on the Floor, Control Yourself, and Tricks 101 are now open for registration. Let our expert trainers help you channel your dog’s energy into productive learning.

Tiny, one of 11 cats released in a humane investigations case at AHS
AHS joins 'Socially Conscious Sheltering' movement

The new movement is based on eight core principles which lead to the best outcomes for animals and serve as a guide for animal welfare organizations across the country. While AHS has modeled these values for years, we're proud to be the first shelter in Minnesota to formally join this movement.

Pet identification: What does our community know?

If your four-legged friend goes missing, do you have a plan? Animal Humane Society stopped by a popular dog-walking spot in Minneapolis to see what pet owners know about microchips, ID tags, and locating a lost animal.

Be sure you're prepared should the unthinkable happen. Find our more about the importance of pet identification and what to do if you lose (or find) a pet.

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