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Veterinary assistance

Minnesota law* makes it unlawful for Animal Humane Society to practice veterinary medicine on animals not owned by our organization. Please consider the programs listed below.

Local organizations

Animal Care Foundation
A non-profit organization that provides free veterinary care to blind, disabled or elderly people with limited financial resources.

Companion Animal Ministry
Vaccination clinics, twice per year
(612) 788-2444

Helping Hands for Pets
For Wisc. residents
(715) 781-8505

Little Kitchen Food Shelf
(612) 788-2444

Mission Animal Hospital
A high quality full-service veterinary clinic with a sliding fee scale for clients with limited means.

The Pet Project
Provides pet food and supplies

United Methodist Church
Vaccination clinic
1st Sunday of the month. 4-7 p.m.
(612) 871-5303

You may also want to call veterinarians in your community to see if they offer discounts or reduced-fee specials.

National organizations

Angels 4 Animals
Program Guardian Angel
(916) 941-9119

Canine Cancer Awareness

Cats in Crisis

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program
Owner must be on Medicaid, Medicare, welfare or public assistance program, disability or unemployment


The Pet Fund
(916) 443-6007

United Animal Nations LifeLine Grants
Personal disaster (flood, fire, domestic violence, etc.) and life-saving veterinary services
(916) 429-2457

The Magic Bullet
Cancer specific assistance

The Mosby Foundation
(540) 939-4035

Please note: Each organization listed is independently operated and not affiliated with Animal Humane Society unless otherwise noted. Animal Humane Society cannot act as a clearinghouse for such organizations and has no authority over their respective policies, procedures or fee structures.

[Minnesota statutes § 156.11 and § 156.12 (subd. 1, 2)]