Volunteering in Woodbury

Volunteer holding blind puppy

Entry-level volunteer roles currently available in Woodbury: 

  • Dog Adoption Support – weekday daytime and weekend shifts are available. There are no evening shifts open at this time.
  • Dog Walking Support – weekday daytime and limited weekend shifts are available. There are no evening shifts open at this time.
  • Training School Support – weekends and evenings only, space is limited.

No experience necessary, new volunteers welcomed! For full details about each role, please see the role descriptions below.

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Role descriptions

Shift availability changes frequently, we aren't able to guarantee a specific requested shift. We can work with volunteers to find a schedule that works for the volunteer based on shelter needs.

Adoption Support

Adoption Support volunteers help customers connect with and learn about animals in our care to make good adoption matches. By using shelter technology including tablets and computers, volunteers give customers animal health and behavior histories and set up visitations. If there is down time, volunteers socialize with the animals to keep them happy and healthy.

  • Cat Adoption Support: Volunteers work in the cat area, help customers with cats, and clicker train cats. 
  • Dog Adoption Support: Volunteers work in the dog kennels, help customers with dogs, and socialize with the dogs. 

Dog Walker

Volunteers provide dogs with bathroom breaks, exercise, and socialization.

Training Support

Assist our trainers as they instruct owners on teaching good behavior and manners to their pets. Well behaved pets are more likely to stay in their homes and less likely to end up in the shelter system. Our classes have a fun and upbeat atmosphere, using only positive reinforcement techniques! No experience required. 

Foster care

If you're interested in becoming a foster volunteer, learn more about our Foster Volunteer Program.

Additional roles for current volunteers

Add-on Volunteer Roles

Add-on volunteer roles are additional tasks for current volunteers who are looking for ways to become more involved. These tasks are occasional, on an as-needed basis.

  • Rabbit Pawfiler: Volunteers evaluate the personalities of rabbits waiting for adoption based on their behavior and interactions with their environment and people. This information helps potential customers make informed decisions when adopting a rabbit. No prior rabbit experience necessary. Training provided.

Advanced Volunteer Roles

Current AHS volunteers can be considered for advanced roles once they have successfully acquired 36 hours of volunteer experience.

  • Treatment Assistant: Volunteers work with our vet services staff to help administer morning medication to animals.
  • Surgical Prep Assistant: Volunteers prepare materials for surgery and help care for animals during recovery. This supportive role helps us efficiently spay/neuter the thousands of animals who come to Animal Humane Society each year.

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