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Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten is the first step in training your new puppy. Puppy Kindergarten is for canines less than 18 weeks old, and gives you and your pet opportunities to  meet new people, learn all kinds of new skills, and develop confidence in new situations. You will be eligible to start Level 1 obedience training once you and your puppy have attended four weeks of kindergarten.

Before joining our Training School, you must complete the Introduction to Dog Training course (online or in person), where you'll learn about our program and the variety of classes and playgroups we offer.  

All puppies must have proof of current vaccinations. We require distemper/parvo for all dogs. If your dog is three months old or older, we also need rabies and bordetella. If you are unsure about your dog's vaccinations, please call ahead at 763-489-2217.

Puppy Kindergarten schedule

Training School fees

Puppies advance to Level 1 Obedience training after completing four Puppy K classes or turning 18 weeks old. Most puppy owners opt for a four month training pass to take full advantage of our training program to help with all the trials and joys of owning a growing puppy.

Two-month obedience training pass $165
Four-month obedience training pass $285

Class fees are due at time of registration and are nonrefundable. There is $20 discount for Animal Humane Society adoptees if registered within three months of adoption.

Puppy Playgroups

Click here to learn more about Puppy Playgroups.


Review our Training School FAQ, call us at 763-489-2217, or send an email.