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Pet behavior resources

Sometimes pet behavior problems seem overwhelming, but many can be managed with the application of a little knowledge and a little effort. Keeping pets in their homes in a manner that's comfortable for both pet and owner is one of our many goals at Animal Humane Society.

Dog Training

Whether it's a long-time friend or a newly adopted dog, sometimes we all could use a little help in this area! Our Training School is dedicated to helping you and your dog understand each other better, through the use of positive, family friendly training techniques.

Pet Behavior Library

This online library contains tried-and-true methods for managing many common pet behavior problems as well as tools for evaluating situations that may require additional resources.

Behavior Helpline: 763-489-2202

Need help right away? Call our Behavior Helpline. We’re here to answer your behavior questions about your pet, and we might just be able to help you resolve an issue that will keep your pet at home, with you. Messages normally returned within 48 hours.

Local veterinary behavior consultants

Due to the potential for serious injury, canine and feline aggression is best handled by a professional veterinarian who is experienced in behavior. Because phone counseling is inadequate for addressing a serious problem like animal aggression, we ask that you contact the following professionals for help:

Margaret Duxbury, DVM, DACVB
Veterinary Behavior Specialties of Minnesota

Deborah Bryant, DVM
Veterinary Behavior Specialties of Minnesota

Terri A. Derr, DVM
Veterinary Behavior Options

Lorna Reichl, DVM
Midwest Veterinary Behavior Services