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Squeaker is Loved for Life

AHS donor provides for his beloved cat through his Legacy Circle membership

Squeaker is a handsome and friendly 5-year-old tabby cat who was adopted in 2010 by Ron, an Animal Humane Society donor and adopter since 1995.

Because Ron included AHS in his estate plans, he is a Legacy Circle member and as a benefit was able to enroll Squeaker in the Loved for Life program. This program was created so that when a member passes away or can no longer care for their animal, AHS will re-home the pet to ensure the new adopter will provide the kind of life the owner would have wanted their pet to have. It's AHS's way of saying "thank you" to Legacy Circle members that have provided so generously to AHS.

Ron's health deteriorated and he needed to move into a nursing home. He was unable to bring Squeaker with him, but through the Loved for Life program AHS was there to help him find the best new home for Squeaker.

We reached out to our inner circle of staff and volunteers to find someone special to adopt Squeaker. Within a few weeks, Squeaker was adopted by Martha, a foster volunteer and Legacy Circle member herself.

Martha hadn't planned on adopting a cat as she already had two 16-year-old cats. But she was drawn to Squeaker and his story. Martha explains, ”What drew me to Squeaker was that he was still connected to someone that wanted to keep him but couldn't. I liked the opportunity it provided for me to have a relationship with Squeaker as well as to Ron. I knew I could bring some happiness into Ron's life by visiting him with Squeaker.”

For more information on becoming a Legacy Circle member and enrolling your pet in Loved for Life, visit