Jake's journey from homelessness to happiness


Scared and alone in an abandoned house in southeastern Alabama, Jake was surviving on whatever scraps he could find when he was found by animal control. They brought this timid stray Shepherd mix to a local shelter where he was given food and a safe place to rest his head.

But Jake needed more than that. His skin was red and raw from a severe case of demodex mange, and having lived without much human interaction, he was extremely fearful. He would need additional medical attention and behavior training that could take months.

As is the case with many shelters in the south, there were more animals in need than the shelter had resources to care for. Knowing Jake could get the care he deserved in Minnesota, he was transported to Animal Humane Society.

When he arrived at our shelter, Jake was nearly hairless. Our veterinary team immediately attended to his infected skin, giving him antibiotics and pain medication to ease his suffering. After his physical ailments were tended to, our behavior rehabilitation team began working with him to help him gain the confidence he’d need to be successful in a new home.

Jake with his new owner

With time — and loving attention — Jake’s trust in people blossomed and his hair began to grow back. Our staff fell in love with this sweet, once-unwanted puppy. And when he was ready for adoption, it wasn’t long before someone else fell in love with him, too. Kaitlin and Mitchel couldn’t be happier to have him as part of their family.

Second chances like Jake’s happen every day at Animal Humane Society. Thanks to the support of animal lovers like you, we’re able to provide each animal with the individualized care they deserve.

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