Staff directory

This page includes frequently requested contact information for leadership and select staff.

Senior Leadership

Janelle Dixon, President and CEO
Send email | 763-489-2250

Lisa B. Bonds, Chief Advancement Officer
Send email | 763-489-2212

Eileen Lay, Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Send email | 651-788-4668

Kathy Mock, Chief Government Affairs and Community Engagement Officer
Send email | 763-489-1585

Allison Norton, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Send email | 763-489-2250

Animal Services

Dr. Graham Brayshaw, Director of Animal Services
Send email | 763-489-2224

Paula Zukoff, Behavior Modification and Rehabilitation Manager
Send email | 763-489-2216

Behavior and Training, Boarding

Mary Pitzen, Community Program Manager
Send email | 763-489-2253

Brand, Marketing and Communications

Paul Sorenson, Director of Brand and Communications
Send email | 763-489-2211

Carrie Libera, Communications & Public Relations Strategist
Send email | 763-432-4527

Zach Nugent, Media Producer
Send email | 763-489-2207

Maggie Flanagan, Digital Marketing Strategist
Send email | 763-489-2251

Shanna Haugland, Marketing and Creative Services Strategist
Send email | 763-489-1571


Community Engagement, Humane Education, and Outreach

Dave Garrity, Director of Community Engagement
Send email | 763-432-4814

Amanda Hatling,Community Outreach and Humane Education Manager
Send email | 763-432-4818


Eileen Lay, Chief Operating and Financial Officer
Send email | 651-788-4668

Patty Aga, Controller
Send email | 651-788-4680

Government Affairs

Kathy Mock, Chief Government Affairs and Community Engagement Officer
Send email | 763-489-1585

Human Resources

Jacey Cassem, Director of Human Resources
Send email | 763-489-1588

Humane Investigations

Keith Streff, Humane Agent
Send email | 763-489-2236 (office), 612-747-4168 (mobile)

Wade Hanson, Humane Agent
Send email | 763-489-1570 (office), 651-226-5235 (mobile)

Kindest Cut

Astrid Kammueller, Director
Send email651-788-4650

Wendy Watson, Operations Supervisor
Send email | 763-489-2244

Megan Wieczorek, Client Services Supervisor
Send email | 763-412-4961



Meghan Bethke, Director of Philanthropy
Send email | 763-489-1576

Breanna Willman, Corporate Philanthropy Advisor
Send email | 763-489-2214

Melissa Peacock, Planned Giving Advisor
Send email | 763-489-1575

Mary Nelson Peasley, Annual Giving Strategist
Send email | 763-432-4865

Deanna Kramer, Senior Philanthropy Advisor
Send email | 763-489-1582

Molly Tlas, Philanthropy Advisor
Send email | 763-412-4956

Sally Thornton, Philanthropy Advisor
Send email | 763-489-1587

Shelter Services

Anne Johnson, Director of Shelter Services
Send email | 651-788-4640

Pam Haryn, Shelter Services Manager
Send email | 763-489-2213

Lori Grode,St. Paul Site Manager
Send email | 651-788-4607

Patrick Krienke, Coon Rapids Site Manager
Send email | 763-432-4854

Anne Lally-Rose, Golden Valley Site Manager
Send email | 763-489-1580

Dawn Mathews-Wilhemy, Woodbury Site Manager
Send email | 651-788-4675

Special Events

Alexandria Moeller, Events Producer
Send email | 763-432-4865

Volunteer Services

Maggie Jacoby, Volunteer Services Manager
Send email | 763-489-2205

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