National Animal Shelter Week

National Animal
Shelter Week

One gift, three times the impact. It’s our largest match ever and we need your help!

It’s time to change the world for animals in need

This week, your gift will be TRIPLED, up to $60,000, thanks to a group of animal lovers in honor of National Animal Shelter Week and Give to the Max Day. It’s our largest matching gift opportunity ever — and you can be a part of it.

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Meet the donors who are matching your gifts

Our largest match ever is possible thanks to a group of passionate supporters. These animal lovers came together to inspire our community to share their hearts with animals during National Animal Shelter Week and Give to the Max Day. Animal Humane Society believes one animal lover can change a life — and a group of animal lovers can change the world. The generosity of these individuals is proof.

Linda and Chloe Garrett
Chloe and her human, Linda Garrett

Animals give us so much

Phil Grodnick's dog
Phil Grodnick

“I support Animal Humane Society because they love animals as I do.”

Lucy the foster kitty
Bottle baby volunteers

Baby love!

You make our work possible

Your support does some pretty incredible things. From helping animals experience their second chances, to fueling humane investigations, and so much more, we can't do this work without you. In the slideshow below are just a few of our recent, popular stories — stories you make possible.

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Ten of our favorite dog adoption stories of 2020 (so far)

Success stories are our favorite kind! Here are 10 heartwarming adoption stories from 2020 so far. Grab a tissue and keep reading.

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Hubert's road to recovery

Imagine driving home from a mundane errand or a typical day at work and spotting a litter of kittens on the side of the road. What would you do? Read more about how one injured kitten got his second chance.

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Five things everyone should know about Animal Humane Society

There are a lot of misconceptions about animal shelters. We want everyone to know these five things about AHS. Read more.

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