National Animal Shelter Week

National Animal
Shelter Week

November 5-11

We’re blown away by the kindness and generosity of people like you. National Animal Shelter Week was a huge success and it’s all thanks to animal lovers who support our work and celebrate second chances — this week and beyond.

Your support ensures AHS is able to give every animal the care and love they deserve, no matter their needs.

On behalf of all of us at AHS — especially the animals — thank you for making new beginnings possible.

Help us reach our goal of $200,000

The power of your support

Your support does some pretty incredible things. From helping animals in crisis and providing medical care, to giving shy and fearful dogs and cats time and attention to find their new homes, we can't do this work without you.

In the slideshow below are just a few of our favorite stories — stories you make possible.

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Model Behavior

Innovations in behavior rehabilitation help shy and fearful dogs build confidence and trust. Poppyseed, Molly and Lyla are just three examples. Read more.

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Getting animals out of danger and into safety

Helping animals in crisis is an important part of our work at Animal Humane Society. Our Humane Investigations team and Critical Response Team work together to help animals experience crisis, cruelty, or neglect. Their life-saving work creates a better world for animals. Learn more.

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Inside the dog habitat

Take an inside look at Animal Humane Society’s new dog habitat prototype, located at our Golden Valley shelter. Learn more.

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Ogema's second chance

Despite his past and his pain, Ogema was a wiggly, happy dog with an unbreakable spirit. Read his story.

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Five things everyone should know about AHS

Think you know everything about AHS? Learn about five common misconceptions people have about us. Start reading.

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A look back at animals in our care

We love sharing stories about the animals in our shelters. Take a look back at the dogs, cats, and critters who were featured throughout the year as they experienced extreme medical needs. Read more.

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