National Animal Shelter Week

National Animal
Shelter Week

November 4-10

"Thank you" just isn't enough

We’re completely overwhelmed by the love you shared during this year’s National Animal Shelter Week.

That love is going to make amazing things possible for thousands of animals in need. Homeless animals will find safety, warmth, and shelter. Sick and injured animals will receive medicine, surgery, and treatment. Scared animals will find strength and courage through shelter behavior programs.

It’s all thanks to our amazing community of animal lovers who support our work and celebrate second chances — it’s all thanks to you.

On behalf of all of us at AHS — especially the animals — thank you for making new beginnings possible.

You make our work possible

Your support does some pretty incredible things. From helping animals experience their second chances, to fueling humane investigations, and so much more, we can't do this work without you. In the slideshow below are just a few of our recent, popular stories — stories you make possible.

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Six jobs you never knew existed at Animal Humane Society

We're more than a place to meet your new best friend. There's more to our shelter than you might think. Read more.

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Once a stray, Bruce Willis the cat has a home of his own

Bruce Willis was a stray, fending for his own life on the streets. Then he came to Animal Humane Society and everything changed. Read his story.

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10 of our favorite dog adoption stories of 2019 (so far)

Success stories are our favorit kind! October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month so here are 10 heartwarming adoption stories from 2019 so far. Learn more.

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Are outdoor cats happier?

AHS experts weigh in on the ongoing debate about giving cats access to the great outdoors. Learn more.

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Leaving your dog home alone (a guilt-free guide)

Just picture it: you're at work and then need to run errands or have plans with friends after. But your pup is at home and the guilt is setting in &mash; you head home to take care of your best friend. So how long should your dog stay home alone? Read his story.

Meet our community of animal lovers

This year’s incredible triple match is made possible by a group of passionate supporters. These animal lovers came together to help inspire our community to share their hearts with animals during National Animal Shelter Week. Animal Humane Society believes one animal lover can change a life — and a group of animal lovers can change the world. The generosity of these individuals is proof.

Sween dog
Tom and Jeanne Sween

A lifelong love of dogs

Grown bottle baby
Anonymous bottle baby volunteers

Watching love grow

Phil Grodnick's dog
Phil Grodnick

“I support animal Humane Society because they love animals as I do.”

Chelsea and Jonah

From Arya & Maybelline, courtesy of Chelsea & Jonah

Caryn Schall

Animal Humane Society and me

Anonymous animal lovers

The gift of loving nature

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