Sheltering outdoor dogs

Dogs are highly social animals, and the Animal Humane Society hopes that all dogs and their people will achieve that special closeness that comes from sharing their home and many hours together. But we recognize that there are some situations... like a family member with allergies... where some families choose to keep an "outdoor dog." If so, Minnesota Law is quite specific about how their pet must be shelterd. Outdoor dog shelter standards are set by Minnesota Statute 343.40, Subdivision 2 which says:

Building Specifications: The shelter shall include a moisture-proof and wind-proof structure of suitable size to accommodate the dog and allow retention of body heat. It shall be made of durable materials with a solid floor raised at least two inches from the ground and with the entrance covered by a flexible wind proof material or a self-closing swinging door. The structure shall be provided with a sufficient quantity of suitable bedding materials consisting of hay, straw, cedar shavings, blankets or the equivalent, to provide insulation and protection against cold and dampness and promote retention of body heat.

Doghouse plans

The shelter illustrated below can be built fairly inexpensively using materials that are readily available from most lumber yards.  Dog houses can be dropped off at our Golden Valley location.  Please contact Brianna (email or 763-432-4847) to coordinate a good time to drop off your completed dog house for donation. 

Dimension A = 50" – 60"
Dimension B = 45" – 55"
Dimension C = 45" – 60"
Dimension D = 40" – 55"





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