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Surrender appointment process

Our goal is to find a happy home for every healthy and treatable animal. We can achieve this by knowing more about the animals that come into our care.

If you’re surrendering a litter of kittens, please learn more about our Kitten Support Project before calling. Click here for information on bringing in wildlife.

Appointment process

  1. Call our Pet Helpline at 952-HELP-PET (952-435-7738) to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet to Animal Humane Society.  The Animal Humane Society has five locations in the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota for animal admissions.
  2. Complete and print out the required corresponding surrender form and bring it and a copy of your pet’s veterinary records with you to your appointment.
  3. Your appointment will take approximately 30-45 minutes and will include a health exam and behavior evaluation of your pet. Your pet's placement in our adoption centers is based on a variety of factors, foremost of which are the results of the exam and evaluation which will be shared with you.
  4. After all information about your pet has been gathered and the animal evaluation completed, we will discuss your options with you so you can make the best decision for your pet.

If your animal has bitten or broken skin in the last 10 days, please contact your local animal control agency.

Animal Humane Society is an open-admission organization that accepts all animals. As a result, not all animals are able to be placed for adoption and humane euthanasia may be considered in some cases.