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Stray animals in our care

The animals listed below are strays currently residing at one of our five facilities. Each will remain in our care for five days after it arrives in accordance with Minnesota state law (seven days for animals brought in from Wisconsin). If after that time the animal isn’t claimed, it will be considered for immediate placement.

If you think one of these animals might be your missing pet:

  • Visit the shelter to identify the pet in person. Proof of ownership (vet records, AKC or adoption paperwork, or other third-party documentation) is required to claim a stray pet.
  • If proof provided does not verify sole ownership, Animal Humane Society reserves the right to hold the animal in impound for the entire impound period.
  • Impound fees (including room, board and any health care expenses incurred while your pet was in our care) will be due when you reclaim your pet.

The locations noted below indicate the Animal Humane Society facility where the animal is being housed. View the animal's individual profile to locate the city where it was found.

Stray animal details

Animal ID:

Date Pet Found:

City Pet Found:

Type of Pet:

Color of Pet's Coat:

Breed Estimate:


Age Estimate: Unknown age


AHS Location:

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