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Report a Lost Pet

Animal Humane Society encourages you to be proactive and check this online bulletin board and visit your local animal control facilities and humane societies every day until your missing pet is found.

  • Before posting, review the Found Pets and Stray Animals sections of the online bulletin board to see if your pet is listed there.
  • When posting, include a recent photo and detailed information about your pet and its last known location. This information is crucial in helping others reconnect you with your pet.
  • After posting, you will receive a confirmation email. Review the email for information on how to make changes to your posting or how to remove the posting. Your posting will expire 30 days after initial submission.

Due to the high volume of postings on this bulletin board, Animal Humane Society is not able to facilitate matches between lost, found and stray animals.

Please update the status of your lost pet entry.
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