All Animal Humane Society locations will be closed Monday, May 30, for the Memorial Day holiday. Regular hours will resume Tuesday, May 31.

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Found pets and strays

Animal Humane Society is an open-admission organization that accepts any animal, for any reason. Our five metro-area shelters provide us with the best opportunity to place stray animals that are not reunited with their owners into new homes. See the stray animals currently in our care.

Here's what to do if you find a stray:

Contact your local animal control agency

Call your local animal control facility to see if a report was filed matching the description of the animal in your care.

Use the AHS Lost and Found Pets Bulletin Board

Check to see if its owner has filed a lost pet report on the Animal Humane Society Lost and Found Pets Bulletin Board. You can also post a found pet report with the animal’s picture, location and description to increase its chances of being reunited with its owners.

Schedule an appointment to bring the animal to AHS

If no report is found and you wish to bring to Animal Humane Society, call our Pet Helpline at 952-HELP-PET (952-435-7738). Our representatives will explain the process, fees and find a date and time for you to bring the animal in.

When you arrive at Animal Humane Society we will scan the animal for a microchip, gather information about him/her and its circumstances and give the animal an initial evaluation for placement.

The animal will then be held for the state-mandated five days to provide its owner time to locate it. Stray animals are also posted on our online lost and found bulletin board to help facilitate its return home. If the owner does not come forward and it is a candidate for placement, we will proceed with finding it a new home.

Stray cats and dogs that are friendly and would do well in a home are made available for adoption or placed in our adoption preparation programs. Feral cats that would not be appropriate or happy as pets may be placed in our Community Cats program.

Other options

You may also wish to consider taking the animal to your local animal control facility. If you have found the animal after animal control has closed for the day, please call their after-hours line or your local, non-emergency police number.

Before removing a cat from the area it was found, consider that some owners allow their cat outdoors on a regular basis. The cat you found may be a roaming owned cat. If the cat appears healthy and friendly, it likely has an owner and there's a good chance it will find its way back home on its own.