What you need to know about pet insurance

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Being a pet parent is a rewarding experience, but it can also present unexpected challenges. Though we can't predict what life will bring our furry friends, preparing early on pet insurance can help ease the emotional and financial impact of a pet needing unexpected veterinary care. 

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a tool to help cover some of the cost of veterinary care, making it more likely for pet parents to maintain a pet's healthy lifestyle. 

Pet insurance companies offer coverage for unexpected medical treatment, routine care, or both. Pet insurance policies are often customizable to fit different budgets and are most commonly reimbursement plans, reimbursing a pet parent after they fulfill the medical bill upfront.

While pets with pre-existing conditions can enroll, pet insurance companies are not required to cover medical expenses for pre-existing conditions. Enrolling your pet before they show signs or symptoms of a health concern is the only way to ensure their coverage.

Benefits of pet insurance

Pet insurance is a safeguard from deciding between the financial impact of veterinary care and the hard decision of giving up a pet or compassionately ending a pet's life. It can be a tool for pet parents who otherwise couldn't afford needed treatment if a pet is in pain or suffering. As with all insurance, the value of pet insurance is usually seen in helping to cover the costs of tremendous life events. 

In addition to pet insurance assisting with cost-intensive cases, several pet insurance companies offer wellness plans. For those who include routine care in their plan – and take full advantage of all the offerings  – at times, they may come out ahead of what they have paid in.

Making choices about a pet's well-being can be emotional, especially if they require immediate or life-saving attention. For each pet parent, deciding what they're able and willing to spend on unexpected veterinary costs, including compassionate euthanasia, is a personal choice. 

Whatever the choice, establishing a plan early by enrolling in pet insurance can help prevent having to make difficult decisions for your pet during emotional situations.

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While animals at Animal Humane Society are examined before being made available for adoption, it is possible for an animal who appears healthy while in our care to develop signs of an illness post-adoption. 

To help keep people and pets together, AHS offers new adopters a 30-day free trial of pet insurance through our partner, MetLife Pet Insurance.

Whether or not pet parents decide if pet insurance is valuable to their household long-term, AHS encourages adopters to take advantage of this offer to ease the transition of welcoming a new animal into the home.

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