How you can support pet parents in your community

Pet resource fair at Animal Humane Society

Being a pet parent comes with so many joys, but it can also present challenges. From financial constraints to unexpected emergencies, you never know what life will bring and community support can play a crucial role in making sure every pet and their person receives the care and resources they need.

At Animal Humane Society, we’re dedicated to making the world a more humane place for pets and the people who love them. Through our Community Outreach program, we help support pet parents in our community in a variety of ways – and we’d love your support to help us reach even more community members.

What is the Community Outreach program at AHS?

AHS and Street Dog Coalition at a pop-up clinic at the Saint Paul Opportunity Center

AHS partners with Street Dog Coalition to host a pop-up clinic at the Saint Paul Opportunity Center

The Community Outreach program provides critical services and resources to Minnesota communities to help animals and the people who love them. We connect pet parents with the resources they need to keep their pets happy and healthy, no matter their circumstances. 

To help keep pets and their people together, we provide a variety of critical resources and community partnerships, including:

How you can help pet parents in the Twin Cities

AHS is only able to provide the services we do because of incredible animal lovers like you. Here are a few ways you can join us in making a difference:

Apply to be a foster volunteer

When a community member experiences a short-term crisis such as an extended hospital stay or sudden changes in their living situation, AHS can provide 60 days of temporary pet housing through our foster program. 

We rely on our incredible foster volunteers to provide safe, stable housing for the pet until they can be reunited with their person. By opening your heart and home to a furry friend in need, you’re not only providing essential care but also offering hope and much-needed relief to pet parents facing difficult circumstances. 

“I am so very thankful and appreciative for all of the wonderful caring help I have been receiving through the kindness of your program and staff,” one Temporary Pet Housing participant through Cornerstone said. “Your wonderful opportunities have been a Godsend during this difficult time of need and transition that [my pet] and I have been experiencing.”

Currently, AHS is seeking foster support for large dogs (50 pounds and up). If you’re 18 years or older, please consider applying to be a foster volunteer at AHS.

Donate new or gently used pet supplies

From pet food distribution to outfitting our foster volunteers with the supplies they need to care for pets in Temporary Pet Housing, Community Outreach has a consistent need for pet supplies – and that need is even larger in the summer. 

A note from a client to AHS after a pop-up pet resource fair

A kind note from an attendee of a pop-up clinic hosted by AHS and Street Dog Coalition

AHS is running a Community Outreach Supply Drive now through June 9 to gather the resources we need to help more pet parents in our community. We accept a variety of new or gently used pet supplies, including:

  • Canned cat food
  • Bags of dry cat food (preferably 10-15 lbs.)
  • Cat litter (including opened packages)
  • Litter boxes
  • Cat and dog treats
  • Cat and dog beds
  • New and gently used dog and cat toys
  • Soft-sided carriers
  • Large dog kennels
  • Collars and harnesses
  • Food and water bowls
  • Flea/tick preventatives
  • Slow feeder bowls, lick mats, cat scratchers, food puzzles, and other enrichment supplies

All donations can be dropped off at any of our three shelter locations during business hours. Please label your items for “Outreach.”

These donations make a big, tangible impact on pets and their families — like a Ukrainian refugee and recent participant of one of our food shelf distribution partners. 

“With tears in her eyes, she told us that their dog had been approved to be transported from Ukraine to MN. She was so excited to get something for their dog!” The Food Shelf Distribution Leader said. “Her daughter always cries and asks when their dog will be able to join them in America. With the support of AHS and IOCP, the family now has food and toys for their fur baby.”

Make a monetary donation to AHS

Your financial support enables us to continue our crucial work in supporting pet parents and their beloved companions. 

From providing low-cost vaccine clinics and veterinary care to free pet food distribution to resources to support our foster volunteers, every dollar donated directly impacts the lives of pets and their families in our community. 

Make a difference when you donate to AHS today

Are you or someone you know in need of Community Outreach?

If you’re currently facing a situation where you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support

In addition to our Community Outreach program services, Animal Humane Society also offers a free Behavior Helpline, as well as a free Pet Helpline to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s care. You can also utilize our pet behavior resources library

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