How you can make a difference in a pet's life

Dog laying on floor looks up smiling

It’s your pet’s favorite holiday: National Change a Pet’s Life Day! Here are a few ways you can make a difference in a pet’s life, today or any day:

1. Participate in a training course at the AHS Training School

In training classes, you and your pup will develop skills that empower them to thrive in any situation. We offer a variety of classes at different levels, so there’s something for dogs of all ages and abilities. 

Not only can these classes help you and your dog learn important skills and new tricks, it also gives them a chance to bond with their best friend — you! With the frigid Minnesota winter, training classes are also great for providing your pup with mental and physical enrichment. 

Bonus: All training fees go directly to supporting our mission and helping animals and pet-parents in our community!

2. Support low-cost vet care and community resources for local pets by making a donation

Want to make a difference in pet's life but don't have a specific pet to celebrate? Consider making a donation to support our low-cost Vet Centers and Community Outreach programs that provide the care and resources local pets need to have a happy life with the family they love.

A father and daughter pick out toys for their dog at AHS

In addition to monetary donations, there are other ways you can give to AHS and support the animals in our care, including donating items from our wish list

3. Surprise your pet with a new toy or homemade snack

While it may not change their life, surprising your furry best friend with a new toy or treat can be a simple and fun way to brighten their day. 

When you purchase a toy in one of our adoption centers, all proceeds will go towards supporting our mission and helping animals in need. (Pro tip: If you're a new adopter, you get an exclusive discount)

You can also DIY fun snacks for your pet with just a few simple ingredients at home! Use one of our dog treat and enrichment recipes to make your dog's day.

4. Adopt a furry sibling for your pet

When the time is right for the pets and people in your family, adding a new member to the pack can change all your lives for the better. Stop by our shelters to meet adoptable animals looking for loving homes and speak to adoption specialists about whether a specific good boy/girl would fit in well with your family.

Note: If your pet is comfortable and well behaved around other animals but you aren’t sure if they're ready for a full-time companion, consider volunteering as an AHS foster caretaker.

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