How to celebrate Pride with your pets

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Pride month is here, and the festivities have already begun!

Want to include your furry family members in the celebration? Here is everything you need to know to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable at Pride events.

1. Keep an eye on canine influenza updates

Monitor canine influenza updates from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health before deciding whether to bring your pup to an event where other dogs may be around.

Dog wearing a collar and identification tag

2. Leash up!

Keep your pet safe by making sure they’re on a leash at all times. We recommend avoiding retractable leashes.

3. Ensure your pets are wearing identification

Ensure your pets are wearing identification so they can be returned if they do get lost. A microchip and a well-fitted collar and ID tag are the best ways to secure your pet’s return should you get separated—and make sure their microchip and ID tags have up-to-date contact information.

4. Beware the summer heat

Pack an extra water bottle for your furry friend and seek shade whenever possible. Avoid putting your pet in clothes to display their Pride and opt for a fun bandana or collar to keep them cool instead.

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5. Never leave your pets unattended

This includes leaving them in the car. There is no safe amount of time for an animal to remain in a hot car, even if the windows are open. If your pet needs a break from the action, seek air conditioning or shade together.

6. Leave nervous pets at home

Pride events that have a lot of people and loud noises may be overwhelming to sensitive pets. If you know your four-legged friend gets nervous around crowds and loud noises, consider leaving them at home or only including them in low-key celebrations.

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