Rescue partners

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Animal Humane Society proudly partners with other rescue organizations to provide medical services and placement options that help thousands of animals find new homes each year.

Animals that experience high stress in shelter environments and display fearful or aggressive behavior at AHS are often transferred to local rescue groups that can provide alternative types of refuge. Last year, we transferred more than 1,400 animals — 5.9 percent of our total placement number — to other local rescue organizations. Additionally, AHS works with rescue groups from other areas of the country where resources for animals are scarce and adoption rates are low. Last year, nearly 9,000 animals from other rescue shelters were brought to AHS in search of a new home.

These rescue partnerships contribute to our placement rate, which totaled to more than 95 percent in fiscal year 2018. Learn more about becoming a rescue partner and submit an interest form.

Critters and wildlife rescue partners
Out-of-state rescue partners

Animal Transport Alliance

Animal Humane Society launched the Animal Transport Alliance in September 2016. This partnership works to transport dogs from the southern United States to our Minnesota shelters. The goal of this alliance is not just to move dogs, but to create a network of animal rescue mentorship and collaboration among source and destination shelters as well.

Learn more about the alliance.

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