You won’t believe these five X-rays

January 15, 2019

At Animal Humane Society, we’ve learned that what’s on the outside doesn’t always say much about what’s on the inside. Animals are especially skilled at hiding injuries and ailments!

AHS cares for more than 23,000 dogs, cats, and critters every year, so we’ve seen a wide range of medical conditions and health issues requiring expert attention. But occasionally, even we’re shocked by what we discover. Check out five animal X-rays that made us say “OMG.”

1. Record breaking bladder stones

Coco, a young Shih Tzu mix, was surrendered to AHS when her family found out she had bladder stones. Canine bladder stones usually range in size from a grain of sand to a small piece of gravel and can be extremely painful. Coco’s nearly took up her entire bladder.

Coco suffered from large bladder stones

We removed the enormous stones from Coco’s bladder and kept her under careful observation for two weeks. The surgery was a success! A healthier, happier Coco made her debut in our adoption center and was adopted in just one day.

2. A hidden past

Snap was transported to AHS from an overcrowded shelter in Mississippi. Though he wasn’t walking quite right, we knew we’d be able to find the sweet, happy, retriever mix a loving home. We took X-rays to determine what caused his odd gait, and we were quite surprised at what they revealed.

BBs covered Snap

In addition to an old fracture in his left leg, Snap had been shot. BB’s littered his pelvis and chest. Luckily, none of the tiny bullets had caused serious damage. Snap was adopted by an adoring family later that week — the BB’s hidden beneath his skin don’t make him any less lovable!

3. A tough little tabby

Marty is one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet. Although he wouldn’t put weight on his right leg, he didn’t show any signs he was in pain. He was most concerned with chin scratches and belly rubs. But X-rays showed he was suffering — his femur was split in two!

Marty's x-ray revealed a severely broken leg.

Marty’s advanced break required specialty orthopedic surgery. The tough little tabby is currently healing in a loving foster home and enjoying plenty of belly rubs. He’ll be available for adoption soon.

4. Puppy surprise

Lady terrified onlookers as she darted between cars on the highway one chilly December day. Thankfully, someone rescued her and brought her to safety at AHS. But this 9-month-old puppy had an additional surprise in store for us — she was pregnant with puppies!

Lady was carrying puppies!

Lady gave birth to seven babies under the close observation of a dedicated and experienced foster volunteer. She and her puppies all found homes of their very own eight weeks later.

5. Too much bling

Gary was abandoned outside of AHS, so we took him in to give him lots of TLC while he waited to find a new home. But when Gary refused to eat for multiple days, we took X-rays to see if there was a problem.

Gary had several objects in his stomach, including a silver bracelet

We removed multiple objects from Gary’s stomach, including a silver bracelet. With the obstructions removed, Gary finally began to feel better. He was adopted into a loving home with a family who keeps him far away from their jewelry.

Love for every animal

Regardless of where they’ve come from, or what they’ve been through, all animals have a place at AHS. Our veterinarians can appreciate a good medical mystery, and these X-ray images, the animals behind them, and their awesome new beginnings are just a few of the reasons we do this important work.

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