Winkie is WCCO's Pet of the Week

Winkie is WCCO's Pet of the Week

Winkie is WCCO's Pet of the Week

Update: On June 21, shortly after Winkie appeared on WCCO, the sweet Pitbull mix was reunited with his original owner. Winkie had gone missing, and after several weeks of searching for their beloved dog, his family had given up hope. His appearance on WCCO was the beginning of a beautiful reunion! Winkie's family was watching the news segment when they recognized their lost dog. They immediately jumped in the car and headed to AHS. Winkie was so elated to see his dad that his whole body was wagging, and he kept giving him slobbery kisses. There were huge smiles all around from our staff and volunteers who fell in love with Winkie during his stay here. 

Congratulations on finding your way home, sweet boy! 

Winkie is an 8-year-old Pitbull/Mix who has plenty of loving companionship to give. He is sweet, affectionate, and energetic. He loves going for walks and playing with toys, but would also enjoy a quiet night snuggling on the couch.  

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