Walk for Animals: You’ll never have so much fun making a difference

March 01, 2024

It’s a fundraiser, festival, pet parade, and maybe the best day you’ll ever have

Dog walking with owner at Walk for Animals

Animal Humane Society is hosting its 53rd annual Walk for Animals on Saturday, May 4 and it's going to be bigger and better than ever. Every year there’s something new (and thousands of adorable noses to boop), but the goal is always the same — to help animals in need.

The Walk brings Minnesotans together for an incredible day of celebrating the animals we know and love while supporting the vulnerable and homeless animals who need us most.

We’re on a mission to make second chances possible and we can do it with animal lovers like you by our sides. Believe us, you’ll never have so much fun making a difference.

If you’ve never attended the Walk before, or you’re looking for a reason to return, here are five wonderful reasons to follow your heart to this year’s Walk for Animals.

Smiling child at Walk for Animals

Five reasons to attend this year’s Walk for Animals

  1. The Walk is back at its epic new home — the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This venue boasts plenty of space for fun and lots of free parking.
  2. Get your steps in, then get your nom on. We’ll have a variety of food trucks and Leinenkugel’s beer.
  3. Dog bandanas, homemade treats, and more! Visit our incredible list of pet-loving vendors who will be selling or giving away pet products and services. Plus, as you raise money for animals in need, you can get your paws on Walk prizes!
  4. Giving lots of pets to the dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, birds, lizards, guinea pigs, chickens and more — you won’t have enough time to pet them all!
  5. A costume contest, games, and so many more fun activities to do with your pet! Bring your best furry friend with you and spend the day making new memories while you help animals in need. 

Join us!

Thousands of people will walk for animals on Saturday, May 4. We’ll walk for the animals who bring us joy and laughter every day. We’ll walk for the animals we haven’t met yet, but will someday fill our lives with love. And we’ll walk for the animals we’ve lost and still carry in our hearts.

We’ll walk because animals need us — and we need them too.

When it comes to the Walk for Animals, Minnesota shows up. Will you be there?

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Participants at last year's Walk for Animals