Update: More than 100 cats rescued in March HI case

Last month we shared our harrowing experience of rescuing more than 100 cats after rural Minnesota property owners asked for our help. Now, we’re happy to report that 67 of those friendly felines have already found wonderful homes in our community with dozens more available for adoption.

We tell you all the time that you make second chances possible. Well, this is what second chances look like.


Zoley stole the hearts of her new family with her emerald green eyes and winning personality. She went home after just one day in our adoption center.


Bruce is a professional cuddler. He curled up on his new mom’s lap and never left. He’s been living the good life since April 12.


Ripper was relaxing on his favorite perch when he met his new family. They fell in love with his white whiskers and took him home earlier this month.

Papa Bear

Adopted on April 5, Papa Bear is enjoying spring in his new home where he’s the center of attention.


Your love and support made all this possible — from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Curious about these cuddly cats? Watch our Special Projects page to meet more of the cats from this case. One of them may just be the right fit for you!

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