Update on latest animal transport from South Korea

June 5, 2017

This past year, Animal Humane Society began partnering with organizations in South Korea to transport dogs to safety in the United States. The most recent group of 12 dogs arrived on May 5 from Last Chance for Korean Dogs, a rescue group run by Seonae Du. 

Over the past several weeks, the dogs received extensive medical and behavioral care to prepare them for adoption. We’re happy to report 11 of the 12 dogs have now been adopted into loving homes. The 12th dog is currently receiving behavior treatment and will be available for adoption as soon as she is ready. 

One dog of particular interest, Marin, received additional attention from our team to assure her story was captured. Our videographer documented Marin’s journey to AHS and the care she received to prepare her for life in a new home. We provided that footage to MBC in South Korea for a TV program they are producing about her adoption. 

The transport of these dogs is made possible through a large group effort. Unfortunately, at some point in the communication chain, there was a misunderstanding of our adoption process and the expectations we place on adopters. We’re sorry for the distress this lack of clarity has caused. 

We know saying farewell to these dogs after preparing them for their journey is incredibly emotional. Because we understand how important post-adoption communication is to organizations like Last Chance for Korean Dogs, we invited every family who adopted a dog from this group to share updates with us. We look forward to sharing every update we receive with Seonae and her team as soon as they come in. Additionally, we’ve sent each adopter Seonae’s contact information so they can reach out to her directly. 

We’re so grateful to everyone who has helped make these lifesaving transports possible. Thank you for your trust, your support, and your dedication to making the whole world a more humane place for animals.

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