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AHS humane investigations team seizes 37 dogs from Bloomington warehouse

UPDATE: June 20, 2017

All 37 dogs seized from Luv Me Again rescue on June 13 have been released to Animal Humane Society (AHS). Ownership of the dogs was transferred to AHS from Luv Me Again founder Bethany Beilby, who is currently being investigated for animal cruelty.

AHS veterinary and behavioral specialists have begun preparing the dogs for adoption. They will be available at AHS adoption centers as early as Wednesday, June 21.

Several rescue organizations and individuals from across the country have contacted us to inquire about reclaiming dogs that may have been sent to Luv Me Again. The dogs have been receiving excellent care at AHS and we do not believe transporting them again is in their best interest.

These dogs came to Minnesota to find loving homes, and we are confident that AHS is the best place to help them achieve that goal. Each year we place nearly 22,000 animals in loving homes, including more than 8,000 animals that are transferred to AHS from other shelters. Our staff and volunteers are skilled at helping animals overcome abuse and neglect. If we determine that any of the dogs from this case are not suitable for adoption, we will work with our extensive network of rescue partners to find alternate placement.

As individual dogs become available for adoption, they will be posted on the AHS website at You can also look for animals with a “Special Projects” notation on their kennel card or website profile. All adoptions will be done on a first-come, first served basis and must be processed in person. We cannot accommodate adoption requests by phone.

UPDATE: June 16, 2017

We are receiving a high number of inquiries about the dogs from this case, including many from other rescue organizations concerned that their dogs are among those seized.

Rest assured that the dogs are in good hands. They are being held at Animal Humane Society pending the animal cruelty investigation, and our staff and volunteers are providing them with exceptional care.

We expect to have additional updates on this case next week. If the dogs from this case are awarded to Animal Humane Society, we will help them find loving homes through our adoption centers. Our veterinary and behavioral specialists will work with each animal to ensure they receive the individualized care needed to prepare them for adoption.

Animal Humane Society places nearly 22,000 animals in loving homes each year, including more than 8,000 animals that are transferred to AHS from other shelters. For additional information about AHS, including details about our 95 percent placement rate, see our latest annual report.

We will post updates on this page as we learn more.

June 14, 2017

Animal Humane Society (AHS) assisted the Bloomington Police Department this week with the removal of 37 dogs from a warehouse-style office space in Bloomington.

Responding to a report of barking sounds and a foul odor coming from the building, Bloomington Police discovered dozens of animals living in a suite inside the warehouse. The suite was being leased by an organization identified as Luv Me Again Animal Rescue. Due to the conditions the animals were subject to as well as other municipal animal control ordinance violations, the animals needed to be removed.

Bloomington Police requested assistance from Animal Humane Society to execute a search warrant authorizing the seizure of the animals. AHS Humane Agent Keith Streff observed the dogs living in unsanitary kennels with no access to food or water. Agent Streff worked with Bloomington Police by coordinating a team of AHS employees to remove the dogs and transport them to AHS in Golden Valley.

The owner and president of the rescue organization was arrested on probable cause animal neglect. The dogs are being safely housed and cared for at AHS as the criminal investigation moves forward. They will remain on a 10-day hold pending a disposition hearing.

We will provide updates on this case as new details become available.


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